Undyed organic wool knitting yarn
from The Organic Wool Shop, Tamarisk Farm, Dorset

Voucher options

Organic wool knitting yarn - Gift Voucher

High quality ethical wool makes a delightful present for the knitter in your life, but you may not know what they would like to create. By giving one of our vouchers you allow them their personal choice of colours and thickness when they redeem it.

There are three voucher sizes to choose from: 2 balls, 5 balls and 12 balls and each comes as one of three attractive cards with a space for your own message to be added. (As a rough guide for non-knitters: 2 balls will be enough for a hat, 5 might make a light waistcoat and 12 could do a fine cardigan.)

Priced at the standard price of £6.60 per ball:

2 balls - £13.20
5 balls - £33.00
12 balls - £79.20

  1. The voucher can be redeemed for the chosen wool from the farm shop in person, or the unique code can be entered as payment from the online shop.

  2. Delivery for the wool will be added when you check out. If the gift voucher is redeemed in person from the farm shop the value of the postage you have paid will be offered as a discount on any additional purchase from the shop. If none is made we will put it as cash into the charity box in the shop (usually Oxfam).

  3. The gift voucher will have an expiry date of 3 years from the date of issue.
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