Undyed organic wool knitting yarn - Chocolate Black Hebridean 4 ply ball
from The Organic Wool Shop, Tamarisk Farm, Dorset

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Organic Chocolate Black Hebridean wool knitting yarn - 4 ply ball - undyed

About Hebridean wool

Hebridean sheep at Cogden, Dorset - Organic Hebridean wool knitting yarn The fibre from the essentially black Hebridean sheep is variable across the fleece and from one sheep to another, from proper black to brown and even occasionally some light grey. Some parts of the fleece are quite kempy (that is, having thick, hair-like fibres) while some parts are nearly as fine as the Shetland. The staple is long, which allows a more relaxed spinning and contributes to its strength. The combination makes a yarn with a pleasant feel which is soft and springy to knit with.

Because of the kemp, this may not be your first choice for garments to go next to the skin of people with sensitive skins, but it can be excellent for harder wearing outer garments and gloves. The brown component of our Hebridean derives from the black wool bleaching to brown at the tips over the summer: altogether averaging to a rich Chocolate Black.

Hebrideans are very hardy and very good at grazing the poor quality food in our scrub. Being black and very individualistic sometimes makes them very difficult to find in the shadows there.

Undyed organic wool knitting yarn - Chocolate Black Hebridean 4 ply ball

Undyed organic wool knitting yarn - Chocolate Black Hebridean 4 ply ball

Despite the coarseness of some of the fibres, the 4ply Hebridean yarn feels delicate and is warm for its weight; it is pliable and works well in lacy patterns in which it is hard to tell the shadows in the pattern from the wool, giving a mysterious air. In fact it is robust, made from very strong fibre.

We have this in the same thickness as all the five different coloured Shetland yarns so, working with natural colours, there are many combinations available to you, from very subtle to quite striking contrasts. (see Ellen's crochet beret and Stripes sampler)

ColourChocolate Black
Thickness4 ply
Ball size50g
Tension27 sts x 32 rows to 10cm over st st using size 10 needles

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