Undyed organic wool knitting yarn - White Shetland 4 ply ball
from The Organic Wool Shop, Tamarisk Farm, Dorset

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Organic White Shetland wool knitting yarn - 4 ply ball - undyed

About Shetland wool

Ellen with one of our Shetland sheep - Organic Shetland wool knitting yarn One of the joys of having Shetland sheep on the farm is that they are pretty, delicate looking sheep with a wide variation in colour. Their wool is the finest fibre we have on the farm so it is more suitable for knitting for babies and people with sensitive skins than our other wools.

We have five different colours of Shetland wool, all from the natural fleece colours of our Shetlands, sorted and carded to get a good range, from the rich brown of the moorit sheep through the delicate fawn and silver grey to the clean white, now an uncommon colour for Shetland sheep.

Undyed organic wool knitting yarn - White Shetland 4 ply ball

This is a clean simple white from the white Shetlands. In the past there will have been more white Shetland than coloured ones in the flocks on the islands from which they came but in the south of England now, white Shetlands are less common than the coloured ones.

Before we had this wool I had made little effort to knit lacy patterns. With this, it became essential to me, because it was obvious that it would work so well. (see Rebecca's hat) It is also very useful as a contrast to all the other colours we have in this thickness, either in simple stripes or light fairisle patterns.

Undyed organic wool knitting yarn - White Shetland 4 ply ball

Shetland 4 ply is our yarn that is best suited for light lacy fabrics. Traditional Shetland lace shawls were made of a single ply called fingering and were so fine that they could be passed through a wedding ring!

This 4ply is our finest wool but is not as thin, so your shawl may not thread through your ring. Nonetheless, it gives some of the same feeling of delicacy in the fabric and is very warm for its weight.

We have also found its softness very comfortable for socks, but as it is pure wool you will find it worth remembering (or if you are under about 50 years old, learning) how to darn. One solution is to reinforce the heels with our harder wearing Hebridean wool. These are creative activities for which you can make use of the range of colours!

Thickness4 ply
Ball size50g
Tension27 sts x 32 rows to 10cm over st st using size 10 needles

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