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Organic undyed woollen knitting yarns from the Dorset Jurrasic Coast

Ellen knitting with our organic wool knitting yarn

Knitting and crochet are wonderful ways to relax, to produce lovely garments for family and friends and to exercise your imagination and creativity.

After years of enjoying spinning and knitting our own wool we have finally produced it for sale, and very proud of it we are too! On these pages you can see photos of samplers and finished products, read about the sheep and their management, get some inspiration and tips and order wool for your next project. We hope you are as pleased with it as we are, and we are eager to hear about your progress and to display photos of your work here to encourage others.

Our wool

All our wool is certified organic and is entirely undyed in the natural colours of the fleeces. Our colour range goes from an intense chocolate black through browns and greys to a pretty cream and a clean white. They are drawn from our flocks of Dorset Down, Hebridean, Jacob and Shetland sheep, but most of the range comes from the Shetlands, as it is a breed with many different colours. (For more information on Shetland colours and markings, see the website Shetland Sheep Society).

Most of our sheep are Dorset Downs since they are more directly useful as a commercial breed. For many years we were disappointed with their fleeces, and during that time if I kept back a fleece or two to spin myself or for other hand spinners I always chose cross bred ones, for longer staple and more lustrous wool than the pure Dorset Downs produced. We were therefore not only startled but also absolutely thrilled when the first finished Dorset Down wool came back from the mill and we found it was a rich cream colour and very good to knit with. Since then we have developed the range and we can now offer fifteen lovely natural undyed colours which form a muted rainbow from white and cream through fawn, browns and greys, to charcoal and rich chocolate-black. We also have gift vouchers for our wool which makes a lovely present for a knitter in your life. All are available from our farm Shop or online here.

Please enjoy browsing the photos of sheep, wool and projects. Happy knitting!

Dorset Down sheep - wearing their organic wool!
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